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Appearance is important and despite covering only 5% of our body, shoes can make-up more than 30% of the visual judgment we make when sizing up a stranger, but we don’t have to pay such a high price for a great pair of shoes.

Paying $500 to $1,000+ for premium shoes is an abusive tactic by big brands that has motivated us to think, “Why not just under-cut the competition?”. And so we did by spending years researching and traveling to different countries to find the highest skilled artisan craftsmen with the intention of competing against the over-priced footwear industry.

Our Business Model

By selling our shoes directly to you through our e-commerce site we remove the need to be dependent on distributor, overhead expenses, and a large sales team to sell our product. That means you get top-quality footwear for around half the price of traditional retail.

Handmade In Spain

It takes a team of 50+ craftsmen over 165 steps to make a single shoe by hand.
See a few of the steps required to make an IDRESE shoe below.

Our Muses

Were inspired by people who are passionate about style, art, design, and community. Idrese helps bring their style-story to life.

The Details

From the hammering of the medallion, to the stitching of the soles, we focus on the elements that tend to be overlooked, which add to the aesthetics & longevity of the shoes.

Our Quality

Quality Counts. We partner with the top tanneries in Italy and master-craftsmen in Spain to create pieces that will last seasons and years.

We're Responsible

From sustainable practices to supply chain transparency, Idrese makes shoes with a conscience.

Investing in style, quality, and self-expression is the pursuit of the modern gentleman, step into a pair of Idrese and experience the difference.

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