Our Story

At Idrese we offer the highest quality footwear at the most competitive price.

How We Started...

We love luxury footwear, but we were tired of the usual ways to buy them: $500+ price tags, sharky sales men hovering over us, and a lack of trustworthy online shopping options. So we spent 3 years, traveled to 6 different countries, and visited over 30 independent European workshops before figuring out that it was possible to make the luxury shoes we wanted to wear – at prices everyone would want to wear them. The idea for Idrese was then born.

We want nothing more than to offer high-quality footwear at the most value to you, so we cut out all the extra costs. No retail rents. No crazy markups. No flashy, celebrity-driven marketing campaigns. Just the best materials. And the best craftsmanship. All sent directly to you. 

Idrese, Direct To Consumer High quality footwear. No Middle men, no markups. 


In a market that is over saturated with cheap, mass produced footwear, our shoes are made using the gold standard of craftsmanship, made one at a time using Goodyear welt, and hand-crafted using full-grain Italian leather.  No matter the season, or terrain, your shoes will look beautiful for years to come, we guarantee it. 


 Escobar Black Chelsea Boots Goodyear Welted Full Grain

Never lose $$$ on shoes again!

Our goal at Idrese isn’t to be the ONLY shoe brand in your closet, but rather to be the best shoe amongst your personal collection. We took the liberty in letting you in on a few industry secrets and this is what you should look for before buying your next pair of shoes no matter what brand you shop with! 

The type of construction matters!

There are 3 types of construction -

1) Cemented (glued) - Poor

2) Blake Stitch - Poor/Medium

3) Goodyear Welt - Medium/High

Are the shoes cemented? If so, this is the lowest quality construction as it is glued, not stitched. This type of construction is found mostly in fast fashion outlets such as, Aldo, Zara, DSW, and Cole Haan, but can also be found at brands like Prada, so be mindful of this and never be afraid to ask about the type of construction when shopping around. With any low quality construction, usually comes low quality materials. Genuine leather, or even faux leather is mostly used in cemented construction.

Beware of the buzz word "cemented" as this does not mean strong and it is a term used among marketers to have you believe that these shoes are long-lasting. Just like the word for the lowest quality leather is called "genuine leather" instead of "crap", the lowest quality construction is called "Cemented" instead of "Glued".

Cemented Construction:

  • Material rating: 1-3 (Poor quality)
  • Expected shelf life: 3-5 months 
  • Typical production cost: $8-$20 *Excluding shipping cost*
  • Typical retail: $50-200
  • Never pay more than: $100 


Are the shoes Blake stitched? If so, this is a mid-grade construction and the quality can widely vary! These types of shoes can be found mostly in Nordstrom, Banana Republic and Johnston Murphy, to name a few. Although they are glued, they also include a single stitch to keep the shoes from falling apart. Leather quality is usually mid-grade to low-grade and pricing can vary from $100-$600. 

Blake stitch is most popular among manufacturers because these shoes can seem high-quality and the perceived value can allow them to price their footwear higher. Marketer will use the term flexible and comfortable in comparison to a Goodyear welt. 

Blake Stitch Construction:

  • Material rating: 4-6 (Mid/poor quality)
  • Expected shelf life: 1-3 years
  • Typical production cost: $40-70 *Excluding shipping cost*
  • Typical retail: $100-$500
  • Never pay more than: $200


Are the shoes Goodyear welted? If so, this is the highest quality construction available. Not only are these shoes double stitched to insure that they are water proof, but they also are insulated unlike the two previously mentioned types of construction. These shoes require a lot of skill (over 100+ steps) and labor (over 50 specialized craftsmen). These types of shoes can be found at Edward Greene, Tom Ford, and right here at Idrese! Leather on Goodyear welt is rarely ever below full-grain leather, which is the highest quality leather.

Goodyear Welt Construction:

  • Material rating: 7-10 (High/Mid quality)
  • Expected shelf life: 3-5 years, but w/ resoling 10+ years
  • Typical Production cost: $180-200 *Excluding shipping cost*
  • Typical retail: $300-$1,000+
  • Never pay more than: $450 unless it is a brand you LOVE!


Our team is made up of individuals who have quit their jobs, invested their savings, and are committed to creating a brand focused on what we believe matters most: Unparalleled quality footwear that is both comfortable and versatile at a price that is unmatched anywhere else in the market.

We like to use this common phrase that perfectly depicts our brand: “The right shoes at the right price, nothing short of that.” 


Lawrence Locke - Creative Director @Lastnamelocka 

Jawad Malik - Co-Founder @JawadMi

Zaineb BenBella - Creative Consultant @ZainebBenbella