How long will it take to receive my order?

Our footwear is built-to-order, meaning that each pair is made from scratch.

The average production time is 3 weeks or less, but some shoes depending on their complexity require up to 4 weeks.

Your shoes are crafted using a rigorous and labor intensive process from start to finish that requires a team of over 50 craftsmen and will require 100+ steps to completion.

Once your shoes are handcrafted they will be inspected by our head craftsmen, put in our premium boxes, and then shipped immediately to you.


Shipping is only 1-3 days through DHL Express. You will get texts & email updates informing you on the status of your order once your shoes are shipped from our workshop in Spain. All shipping is free and we ship worldwide. 

Will I be updated throughout the manufacturing process?

Yes, once you order, you will receive emails throughout the production process informing you what part of the process your shoes are in. Once your shoes pass inspection you will receive an email and a text from DHL informing you that your shoes are on the way.

You can always text us for quick responses regarding the status of your order at anytime -> +1 (213) 374-0724

Why are IDRESE shoes not already made?

Storage costs make high-quality shoes even more costly. By producing premium footwear one at a time we save you approx. $55 on average per pair sold. When you factor in the average market price for our construction and material, we save each customer approx. $85-125 per shoe compared to other premium retailers.  

Where are the shoes crafted?

Almansa, Spain - the shoemaking capital of the world.

We are just a few blocks away from world renown brands such as Magnanni and Umber. And manufacture ourselves for many global luxury brands.

Where is the leather sourced?

Our leather is sourced from CONCERIA NUOVA ANTILOPE in Italy (same crust material used by Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Santoni, Berlutti, Andres Sendra, among many others)

What craftsmanship method is used?

We use 360° Goodyear construction for all our dress shoes & boots, which is waterproof, comfortable, & the most durable form of footwear construction. Mixed in with our premium Italian leathers and fabrics, your shoes will last you for years and years.

For our Sneakers, we use stitched construction, a rare method used for sneakers that skillfully attaches the Margom sole to the upper, so you can wear your sneakers without the bottom ever wearing out. 

Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide for free. 

*Orders going to the USA, Canada, & EU are duty free!