20 products

20 products

Every man needs a pair of well-crafted boots in his wardrobe. Whether they are casual boots for causing that approachable yet masculine first impression, or an elegant pair of leather dress shoes that highlight inner strength and class. Idrese custom men's boots are made to set you apart.

Every one of our exclusive models has a 360° Goodyear welt, providing a completely insulated and rock-solid build for boots that will give you decades of comfort and style. Idrese custom men's boots are handcrafted in Spain and made with full-grain leather and the best fabrics from the best suppliers in Europe.

Our custom men's boots are both stylish and functional. A good pair will go with you through rough terrain providing unparalleled grip and protection, but also look amazing and cause the desired impact in every situation.

Check out our custom men's boots collection, or start designing the perfect pair for you.