Why Is Patina Important In Custom Men's Shoes?

Custom Men's Shoes

Some believe that the word "patina" is a fancy way of referring to something that shows signs of being old and battered. However, many cannot help turning their eyes towards a beautifully developed patina with gradual tone changes across a dress shoe's toe cap, especially when it is a product of use and polish accumulation.

The reason is that we instinctively understand that high-quality and natural materials tend to develop character with wear and time. Everyone knows that fine wine, or a work of art made of bronze, all get better with age, and so does high-quality leather. Premium footwear that is built to last can withstand moderate abuse and still look better than when they were brand new.

Mass-produced shoes can't generally develop a patina because the materials used in their construction degrade too quickly. That's why they usually look ready for the landfill after only two years of moderate use if you are lucky.

So, if you want footwear that evolves with you and retains aesthetic value over time, you need a pair of shoes that can keep up with you and the rigors of everyday use without faltering. That's exactly what we offer our customers at Idrese.

However, developing a beautiful patina that goes with your style, and expresses your true nature, takes time and care. A rich patina with the right tones and accents is usually a product of deliberate efforts and dedication. This means that a truly unique patina cannot be bought. It must be earned. And the higher the quality of the leather, the more luxurious the results.

If you know what you are doing, your custom men's shoes made of full grain leather can go from a plain and uniformly brown surface to a richly evolved pattern of varying depth that will make them truly unique.

This can be achieved in several ways. Exposure to the sun and elements usually turns intense browns into a lighter, faded shade. Many find the dull color of faded leather unattractive, but these shades can be used to your advantage during the process of developing your patina.

On the other hand, high-quality polish creams will give your shoes the chance to evolve in character and shine, allowing you to imprint your mark on them forever.

This combination of effects and degrees can be manipulated to create one-of-a-kind patterns that express both experience and ruggedness. However, there are other elements that will affect the quality and richness of the final result.

Physical stress can help give your shoe character if it is made of high-quality leather. The forces that flex and bend your boots when walking or trekking will generate cracks and creases along the surface. This is unavoidable in leather shoes and is, in fact, one of its most desirable attributes as it allows the owner to further enhance their look and feel if treated properly with the right products.

The chemicals that come in contact will play an essential role in the evolution of your shoes. When they come in contact with the leather, they cause different effects on the finish. When we lovingly polish our shoes, the cleaning products used tend to slip right off virgin leather but accumulate along the creases, gradually darkening those areas and enhancing their character. The same happens with dirt, sweat, and even accidental beer spills. If the construction of your shoe is solid, it will withstand all that abuse like a champ and display all the experience acquired with pride.

Although we tend to prevent scuffs, scratches, and bumps, they generally translate into beautifully accented brogues and toe medallions, or rich plum shades around the sole welt. As imperfections start to appear, you can start experimenting with different waxes to begin molding the patina on the shoe finish. It is extremely satisfying to experience how dark brown polishes change the tone of the leather in certain areas but leave others untouched, creating an attractive and natural pattern that adds uniqueness to your favorite shoes.

So, where can I buy custom men's shoes that will develop an incredible and unique patina?

You know you won't settle for anything but the best materials now that you understand the importance and aesthetic quality of a hard-earned patina. However, that sounds like you need to invest a lot of money to get the right pair of shoes.

Fortunately, we offer luxury custom men's shoes made from full-grain Italian leather and expertly crafted in the best ateliers in Spain. Our ability to deal directly with our discerning customers gives us the ability to offer footwear that is not only crafted following the highest construction standards but will also ensure they will look increasingly better as they age.

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