How To Wear and Care for Cap Toe Boots for Men

Cap Toe Boots for Men

Man cannot live on sneakers alone. Stylish men, or men who aspire to be stylish, shouldn’t, anyway. It’s always good to have a rotation of sensible and fashionable footwear on hand for various outfits and occasions. In addition to dress shoes, a man should also have at least one pair of dependable boots in his wardrobe to wear during the fall and winter months.

Boots are also a great choice for guys who dislike the way that low-cut shoes feel. While you may not be able to get away with them in all instances, dress boots come in a wide variety of styles that are appropriate in most settings, from formal to casual.

Cap toe boots are a popular boot style for men that you should definitely have around as a staple. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

What is a cap toe boot?

A lot of men think that just because a particular style of shoe is preceded by the word “dress”, it can only be worn to “dressy” occasions. Fact of the matter is, dress shoes and dress boots can be donned in casual settings, too.

The men’s cap toe boot is classified as a dress boot, but commonly viewed as an informal shoe. They can be easily differentiated from plain toe boots at a glance: cap toe boots for men possess an additional layer or panel on top (over the toes), creating a cap shape. Horizontal stitching then joins the vamp to the toe box.

They are said to have originated in Oxford University in the 1800s, where students of the time wore them as a means to rebel against the knee-high style that was used to be more pervasive then. They were known as “Oxonians” and featured a small slit on the sides that allowed wearers to slip in and out of them more easily.

When is it appropriate to wear men’s cap toe boots?

Cap toe boots for men are highly versatile. Depending on the materials and color, you can wear them anywhere, from the boardroom to an outdoor barbecue.

They are considered an informal shoe style, which means that they are most appropriate for wearing during the day. You can reach for a pair of cap toe boots for men when you’re going out to conduct some daytime business or attending a garden wedding; they look great with casual suits made with fabrics such as flannel or tweed. Conversely, they may look out of place when worn with a traditional linen or silk suit, so leave your pair at home when the dress code is black tie and reach for a pair of Oxford shoes instead.

The design of a pair of men’s cap toe boots lends itself particularly well to casual and rugged outfits, too. They look amazing with a pair of regular or slim-fitting jeans or colored chinos. You can show the boots off by simply folding the hems up to reveal their style.

You can also take them to the streets with a sleek pair of joggers. Ditch the slouch, though, and opt for a pair with a slim fit instead. From here, you can simply pull the hems up to the top of the boot or tuck them beneath the shoe.

Our take on cap toe boots for men here at Idrese is the Victa, available in classic black leather. Polished to a gleaming sheen, they’re a great way to jazz up a date night outfit, but still rugged enough to take out on an outdoor romp. Made with full-grain Italian leather and 360° storm Goodyear welted, these are waterproof shoes that can and will withstand even the most extreme dry or wet conditions. You’ll love the way they look and adore the way they feel.

How do I take care of my men’s cap toe boots?

Good boots are an investment. Cleaning and conditioning your cap toe boots will help maintain their shape and appearance.

After wearing your boots, immediately dust or wipe off any dirt or grime they’ve accumulated from being out. This keeps debris from settling in and damaging the material. You can use a horsehair brush or a damp rag to do so.

At least once a month, or when your boots are especially grimy, you’ll want to give your men’s cap toe boots a deep cleaning. This involves removing the laces and brushing off any loose dust or dirt before applying a bit of saddle soap to the leather. Work the soap into the welt and the tongue as well before letting them air-dry.

Investing in a leather conditioner is always wise. Here at Idrese, all of our shoes are given a waterproof coating during production, but it will eventually wear out over time. To keep the leather supple and maintain a smooth, crack-less surface, apply a conditioning product to your men’s cap toe boots once every 3 months.

After wearing, stuff your boots with old newspaper, which will help them hold their shape and prevent those dreaded boot creases. Store them someplace cool and dry, away from the harsh UV rays of the sun. 

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