3 Ways To Make Yourself Look More Official And Impress Women

3 Ways To Make Yourself Look More Official And Impress Women

Have you wondered how you could impress some girl on the street you just met…

...or maybe you wanted to look more professional in the eyes of the person you speak with…

Well, this is the article for you!

I will show you real facts that will make your appearance more professional and more attractive in the eyes of the other people.

And not only that…

I will share some personal experience too so you can have a deep understanding of the official style when you finish reading this article.

So, let’s dive right into it!

1. Know What Colors To Wear

Probably the most important one for me.

No color is completely "off limits" but it is more formal and professional stick mainly with a neutral color palette.

Formal business suits for both men and women tend to be black, brown, gray, tan, or navy blue.

Shirts tend to be lighter in color, with white, off-white, and light shades of colors.

These limited colors may appear boring to you but don’t forget this - Basing a wardrobe around black and white will assure that everything goes with just about everything.

And most importantly - Women don’t want some guy who has green a T-Shirt and orange shoes.

You know what I mean…

Check this out... “The most flexible suit colors are blue and grey.

It’s a fact!

2. Pay attention to those around you.

If you are unsure exactly how formal or casually to dress, try looking at the clothing choices of those in your profession, at your office, or attending the same event as you.

You will often find your perfect style when you look around a little bit!

1) In general, it is better to be slightly overdressed than it is to be under-dressed.

2) Check how celebrities dress(Google it) or some idol of yours[mine is Conor Mcgregor]. Pay attention to the appearance of people in these images, and dress accordingly.

3) At a conference, you may be required to wear suits and ties for the presentation. At the poolside cocktail receptions afterwards, swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts, and flip-flops are the garb of choice.

By looking at how other people dress, you don’t show weakness.

It’s the opposite - you show that you are a worthy person who wants to be the best version of himself!

3. Sometimes It’s All About Seasons

You may be wondering… “What??? Is that real…”

Yes, it is. Seasons play a big part when it comes to dressing yourself like an authority or as a gentleman.

I will share some studies with you about how you should dress yourself depending on the season.

1) Linen, seersucker, and madras cloth tend to be appropriate for summer only.

2) Wool clothing tends to be for fall and winter only.

3) Feel free to brazenly wear a white shirt in the office in winter.

4) Keep in mind that the amount of visible skin allowable will be slightly different in business settings. What is acceptable in one culture may be unacceptable in another. For instance, what is fine for a man in France may be too revealing in Qatar.

Guess what…

You now know everything you need to start being professional and worthy in the eyes of your client or in the eyes of your crush!

Stop wondering!

Go out and make your style worth it! 

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