How to Make Custom Monogrammed Men's Slippers

How to Make Custom Monogrammed Men's Slippers

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Monogrammed men’s slippers are taking the world by storm in popularity. Getting your slippers custom-made brings your footwear game to the next level. Especially when your pair has been crafted by hand, especially for you, by you.

Several contemporary fashion brands now offer custom monogram men's slippers with innovative 3D customization tools that allow you to personalize every aspect of the footwear. Throughout this article, we’ll go over why you need to get a pair of custom men’s slippers, the process of designing and ordering them, and what to look for.

How to Find the Right Custom Slippers

Luxury custom men's slippers are considerably more expensive than standard, factory-made ones. Therefore, you should ensure you're choosing a reputable and highly-rated custom footwear company to craft your new slippers. Here are three things to look for when designing your new monogram men's slippers.

Where they are produced

Custom slippers should be produced by hand in a workshop, and never in a commercial factory. They should also be made by artisans specializing in footwear only, rather than multi-skilled workers who produce other apparel and accessories.

What's more, if choosing leather slippers, check where the leather is coming from to determine the quality. We recommend Italian leather.

Years of artistry

Before purchasing custom slippers, research the history of the footwear company. While the length of time in the industry is not everything, we advise choosing a company with many years of workmanship for the highest quality and construction.

Types of Customizable Slippers

1) Belgian Slippers

Round toe - Comes with a bow on the vamp.

Custom Albert Velvet and Monogrammed Slippers

Design Your Own Belgian Slippers

2) Albert Smoking Slippers

Chiseled round toe - Best option for embroidery 

Custom velvet slippers with embroidery

Design Your Own Albert Slippers

How to Create Your Own Custom Monogram Slippers

Using Idrese to design your own custom men's slippers is as easy as can be, thanks to their immersive 3D design technology. Here are some of the different options available with the high-tech slipper building tool.

1) Pick your base model

The first step is to pick your base model for your custom slippers. You can pick between Prince Albert or Belgian. While you can’t go wrong picking either or, you should go over each of them and consider their differences. For monogrammed slippers, Prince Albert allows you such a feature.

Upper base material and style

Choose between linen, suede, waxed suede, or velvet monogrammed slippers. Two leather options are also available; box calf and painted calf. Box calf is a traditional, commonly used, pre-dyed leather, whereas painted calf is hand-painted and more artisanal.

If you're looking for a particular pattern, you'll find classic styles like tartan, plaid, houndstooth, and herringbone. There are also several flannel shades. All which can be found in the "others" section.

Upper base color 

There are various shades to choose from, depending on your selected material. Possible colors include neutral shades like black, brown, gray, and ice and vibrant tones like mustard, fuchsia, and orange.

We recommend choosing suede or velvet material if you're after colorful slippers. Or for pastel or dark footwear, leather and waxed suede are good options.

Sole and outsole

Along with choosing the color of the upper base, you can design the sole and outsole as well. 

There are over ten color options for the sole, including forest green and pale rose. Then, choose between black, brown, or natural for the outsole.


The trim may be a small part of your slippers, but it makes a massive difference to the overall appearance. With Idrese's custom design tool, you first choose your texture preference from various options like grosgrain, suede, Nappa, or leather. Then, you choose either a contrasting or complementing shade to your upper base.


Idrese's custom-made slippers all have a smooth Nappa lining. In addition, there are eight shades you can select, from black to fuchsia to cobalt blue.

2) Choose your accessories and embroideries

Tassel and mask options

The style of slippers you choose will determine the accessory options available. You'll find tassels and Albert tassels, as well as Albert masks and metal bits.

All tassels and masks have a wide range of color choices, and metal bits are available in gold, graphite, nickel, or copper.

Embroidery styles

Alternatively, you can opt for embroidery over an accessory. Embroidery choices include skull and swords, palm trees, anchors, and much more. As always, you can select your favorite color.

Monogram customization

Monogrammed slippers are by far the most popular custom slipper choices. Monograms allow you to personalize your slippers with your initials or other letters of importance. There are ten fonts to choose from and an extensive range of colors.

You can choose a monogram on the top or the side of the slippers (or both). You can opt for one or two letters on the top, and on the side, you can choose up to three letters. Alternatively, you can keep the side of the slippers plain. 

Why are Custom Men’s Slippers a Good Investment?

Still not convinced that it's worth investing in custom men's slippers? Here are three reasons why tailormade footwear beats factory-made shoes.

They are unique to you

We all have different tastes and preferences, and sometimes standard factory-made apparel does not match those. However, the ability to design your slippers yourself makes them feel much more meaningful.

What's more, if you appreciate individuality and like to stand out from the crowd, you'll love custom slippers. You'll certainly never spot someone else sporting the same footwear as you.

They are of better quality

Aside from having a 100% unique design, custom-made slippers are made by hand rather than mass production. As a result, they feature much better stitching and construction. Moreover, many tailor made shoe brands like Idrese also use the highest quality materials, such as premium Italian leather.

While custom footwear comes with a higher price tag, the higher quality means they last for years and are far more resistant to wear and tear.

They make excellent gifts 

Personalized, hand-made slippers also make one of the most thoughtful gifts for friends or family. With high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and various personal design aspects, gifting custom slippers will surely put a smile on your loved one's face.

Final Thoughts

You cannot beat a high-quality, comfortable, and durable pair of slippers that are 100% personalized to you. We recommend choosing custom men's slippers made from Italian leather and Goodyear Welt construction. 

Order monogram men’s slippers through Idrese once, and we promise that we will be the last custom footwear company you’ll be ordering from. Investing in a pair of our custom slippers will last you far longer than a cheap pair with inferior materials and construction methods.

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