3 Reasons To Choose Goodyear Welt Over Blake Stitch

Choosing a high-quality shoe is not just a choice made by simply looking at the aesthetic of the footwear you are about to purchase.

What may look good & sturdy from a design aspect can be a cluster-f*ck from a manufacturing one.

The reason why is simple.

Each shoe can look good, but can each shoe withstand the test of time? The short answer is no. 

Here are the 3 advantages Goodyear has over Blake stitch. 


1) Goodyear uses REAL Aesthetics

Remember when we said that one cannot choose a high-quality shoe by simply looking at the aesthetic? 

The reason why is because many footwear brands opt out of using Goodyear welt and instead choose Blake stitch because they can cut production costs down, while also maintaining the look a Goodyear welted shoe has by creating, was is called, a faux welt. 

Basically, Blake stitch footwear focuses on the need to look the part rather than be the part in hopes that the consumer remains unaware of the difference.

By cutting corners Blake welted manufacturers begin to sacrifice features that determine the difference between a high-quality and low-quality shoe, which brings us to our next point. 

2) Goodyear Welt is Waterproof

Goodyear welt is arguably the most fruitful construction method. By taking the upper over the last and bringing it together with the insole, mid-sole, and welt you are insuring that the entire operation sticks together.

By doing so you maintain the shoes ability to weather any storm, day or night. This type of reliability is necessary. When we spend the most time in either our beds or our shoes we need to choose footwear that is able to withstand all seasons.

Ever had you socks get wet? Ugh! 

Look at these images below. See how many layers a Goodyear welt has compared to the Blake stitch? 

3) Longevity. Durability. Reliability. 

Goodyear welted shoes are made to last.

As there’s more substance between your foot and the floor. 

Cork filling, metal shank, & a real welt are major components that the Blake does not have that insures longevity, durability, & reliability. 

From an investment point of view, buying good quality shoes will give you better ROI (Return-on-investment) in the long-term as you don't have to purchase as frequently for a new pair when your previous pair gets worn down. 



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See how a Goodyear welt is made - > Scroll down & press play!






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