What you get with Idrese

We launched in 2018 with the confidence that we can craft better dress shoes, boots, and sneakers than any other footwear brand on the market. We never intended to price our shoes below $400, but as a small workshop going against corporate giants, in an already saturated market, we knew we had to stand out. In 2019 Idrese pivoted towards the direct-to-consumer business model. We cut our margins tremendously, while maintaining the same premium quality we started with. 

The average American spends approx. $1,580 a year on shoes. The reason is because many footwear companies are essentially marketing firms selling low-quality footwear made of glue and mesh. With Idrese, one pair will last you years, so there is no need to constantly buy shoes. The return on investment outlasts the initial cost and the quality remains long after the price is forgotten. 

Our team is made up of fifty-one craftsmen and four serial entrepreneurs who work together to provide you quality that is unmatchable. With over twenty years of experience, every pair produced by our craftsmen is a work of art. 

What you get here is a personal touch. We promise value in the footwear you buy from us. We understand that durability is just as important as style so we provided you with both at an amazing price by having a lean business model that focuses our efforts on production over gimmicky marketing. Our shoes may not be the only pair in your closet, but it will be the best. 

To speak to one of us please text us or email us,

+1 (718) 717-2636 / Support@idrese.com