How to Customize Your Own Shoes Online [For Less]

Customize Your Own Shoes

Does it seem like quality on the store shelves for men’s footwear has been falling for some time now?

Low-grade leathers or plain synthetics, glued soles, and shoddy craftsmanship are becoming more popular, unfortunately.

This has caused some discerning consumers to wonder whether or not they can customize their own shoes instead of buying sub-par quality at outlets or department stores.

Well, you can customize your own shoes, and if you do it here at, not only will you enjoy the experience, you’ll love the finished product.

We offer the best quality footwear on the market or your money back!

Here’s how to customize a pair - and why.

  • Click “Start Design” at the top of our homepage

At the top of the page, on the menu bar at the right, click “Start Design.”

  • Select the base model that appeals to you

We offer a wide range of different dress shoes and boots, including but not limited to Chelsea boots, chukka boots, wingtip and monk strap shoes, and several different styles of sneakers.

Pick the one that appeals to you to start the process of designing your own shoes.

  • Choose your leather style

First, you need to choose your leather style via a slider at the top of the screen. We offer full-grain, calf, pebble grain, several different grades and finishes of suede, and several other types of leather. If you would like your uppers burnished, select that option, too.

  • Customize the components of the upper

Next, you’ll need to select a color for the different components of the shoe’s (or boot’s) uppers. This will vary by style, but you’ll have to select a color for the back, quarter, vamp, lining, tongue, and toe cap, among others.

  • Select laces, and hardware, if applicable.

Next, select a color for your laces and a finish for your hardware, if the model contains any.

  • Select welt and sole style

We offer a variety of different welt and sole styles that you can customize to add color and character to the shoe or boot.

customize your own shoes

  • Customize the toe cap

If your shoes or boots have a toe cap, you can customize how you would like it decorated or brogued at this point.

  • Complete your order

If there are any other customizations you would like to make to your shoes or boots, select them at this time, then complete the order.

  • Go back and get a matching belt!

Before you leave our design tool, go back and get yourself a matching belt to go with those shoes!

Why Customize Your Own Shoes Online?

Don’t fall prey to the suspicion that customizing your own shoes online has to be an arduous, expensive process. It doesn’t, and our promise to you is proof of that.

These are the reasons it’s worth your while.

  • Ease of use

As you’ll see in five minutes if you explore our design tool, the process couldn’t be easier. You don’t need to call us or fill out any lengthy request forms.

All you need to do is click a few buttons and you can fully customize your own shoes or boots in a matter of minutes.

  • Wide range of prefabricated patterns and styles

We have pre-fabricated templates for all the most popular styles of shoes, boots, and sneakers, which adds to ease of use.

customize your own shoes
  • We use only the highest quality materials

Our artisan craftsmen use only the finest quality materials and proven techniques in the construction of all of our shoes and boots. There is no compromise here.

  • We do it for less, but can you put a price tag on a one-of-a-kind part of shoes?

There’s nothing like a bespoke pair of shoes to set the foundation for an unforgettable ensemble, and we do it for less.

Because we sell direct to consumers, you don’t need to pay extra for middlemen like distributors or retail venues. We also offer free shipping on all orders!

Besides, at the end of it all, you’ll have a pair of truly custom shoes the likes of which won’t be found anywhere else!

The Idrese Difference

Another reason to customize your shoes before ordering is because we only use proven techniques and high-quality raw materials.

  • Handmade, artisanal quality

Our custom shoes are handmade by experienced artisans who specialize in footwear. They don’t split their time between hats and coats and shoes. This is what they do, and they have many years of experience doing it.

  • Full-grain leather

Don’t trust what you see about other grades of leather. It’s full-grain or nothing. Full-grain leather is the highest grade of leather that will last for many years with proper care and will even develop a patina. It’s also physically tougher and more supportive.

  • Genuine Goodyear welt construction

Stay as far away from shoes with cemented soles as you can get. The soles will separate from the uppers and after that, there will be nothing you can do to bring them back to life.

Instead, we use a genuine Goodyear welt construction that protects the upper around the welt stitch and makes it possible to resole them when the soles wear down.

Customize Your Own Shoes or Boots Today!

Ready to design your own custom shoes? We make it easy and deliver a peerless finished product.

Get started today through our design tool and contact us if you have any questions about our products, process, or model.

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