Wide Dress Shoes & Boots for Men

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When it comes to wide shoes for men, there are many options out there. But what exactly is the difference between D width, EE width and EEE width? Are wide shoes comfortable? Where can I find them? And how do you customize your own luxury footwear in extra-wide sizes if need be? This blog post will answer all of these questions so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing wide dress shoes or boots. We'll also discuss different types of styles available as well as tips on finding the right size using a brannock device. So read on to learn more about wide shoes for men!

What is the Difference Between D Width, EE Width, and EEE Width?

Shoe widths are an important factor when it comes to finding the right fit. Men’s shoes come in a variety of widths, ranging from D (the narrowest) to EEE (the widest). Knowing which size is best for you can help ensure that your shoes fit comfortably and look great.

Understanding Shoe Widths

When shopping for men’s dress shoes, you may notice that some styles are labeled with letters such as “D” or “EEE.” These letters refer to the shoe's width—D being the narrowest and EEE being the widest. The average man wears a D-width shoe, but if you have wider feet, then EE or EEE might be more comfortable for you. It's important to know your foot size and width before buying new dress shoes so that they will fit properly and feel comfortable all day long.

How to Measure Your Foot for the Right Fit

The best way to determine your exact foot size is by using a brannock device—a tool used by professional shoemakers and retailers alike to measure both length and width of feet accurately. To use one, simply place your heel on the back of the device while standing up straight with weight evenly distributed across both feet. Then slide your toes forward until they reach their natural stopping point against the front edge of the device without pushing down too hard on them; this will give you an accurate measurement of both length and width at once.

Types of Wide Shoes Available

Wide dress shoes come in many different styles including loafers, oxfords, wingtips, monk straps, boots, sneakers and even sandals. Loafers tend to be one of the most popular choices since they provide comfort without sacrificing style; however there are plenty of other options available depending on what type of look you're going for. When shopping online or in stores make sure to check out all sizes offered so that you can find something perfect just for yourself.

Key Takeaway: When shopping for men’s dress shoes, it's important to know your foot size and width before buying. Use a brannock device to accurately measure both length and width of feet. Wide dress shoes come in many different styles including loafers, oxfords, wingtips, monk straps, boots, sneakers and sandals.

Are Wide Shoes Comfortable?

Wide shoes are becoming increasingly popular among men who want a comfortable and stylish fit. Wearing wide shoes can help reduce foot pain, improve balance, and provide extra room for toes to move freely. With the right pair of wide dress shoes or boots, you can look sharp while enjoying all-day comfort.

Benefits of Wearing Wide Shoes: The main benefit of wearing wide shoes is that they offer more space in the toe box area which allows your feet to spread out naturally as you walk or stand. This helps reduce pressure on the balls of your feet and prevents blisters from forming due to friction between your skin and shoe material. Additionally, wider shoes provide better stability when walking on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones or gravel paths since there’s less chance for your foot to slip inside the shoe due to lack of support around the edges.

Tips for Choosing Comfortable Wide Shoes: When shopping for wide dress shoes or boots, it’s important to make sure they fit properly so that you don’t experience any discomfort during wear. To ensure a good fit, measure both feet before buying new footwear – this will help you determine whether one foot is larger than the other so that you can purchase two different sizes if necessary. Additionally, try on several pairs in store before making a final decision; some brands may run slightly bigger or smaller than others even within their own size range so it pays off to take time finding what works best for you personally. Finally, consider investing in quality materials like leather which are known for being durable yet breathable at the same time – this way not only will your feet stay cool but also protected against moisture build-up over long periods of wear.

Key Takeaway: Wide shoes provide better stability and comfort for men, so it's important to measure both feet before buying new footwear, try on several pairs in store, and invest in quality materials like leather.

Where Can I Find Wide Dress Shoes and Boots?

Shopping Online for Wide Dress Shoes and Boots: Shopping online is a great way to find wide dress shoes and boots. Many websites offer an extensive selection of styles, sizes, and widths. You can easily search by size or width to narrow down your choices. Plus, many sites offer free shipping and returns so you can try on the shoes before committing to them.

Finding Stores That Carry a Variety of Wide Sizes: If you prefer shopping in-store for your footwear needs, there are plenty of stores that carry a variety of wide sizes. Department stores like Macy’s often have sections dedicated to wider shoe sizes as well as specialty shops like DSW that specialize in larger sizes. Additionally, some independent retailers may also stock wider options if you look around enough.

For those who need extra-wide sizing options, there are several specialty shops available both online and in person that cater specifically to this market segment. These shops typically carry hard-to-find brands with extended widths up to 6E or 7E depending on the style chosen. Some popular retailers include Big Footwear USA, The Walking Company, Orthofeet Shoes & Sandals, and New Balance Specialty Store.

Types of Wide Dress Shoes, Boots, and Sneakers for Men

When it comes to men’s dress shoes, there are a variety of wide sizes available. From classic oxfords and loafers to modern slip-ons and wingtips, you can find the perfect fit for your feet. The most common widths for men’s dress shoes are D (standard), EE (wide) and EEE (extra-wide). It is important to measure your foot before purchasing any type of shoe in order to get the best fit possible.

Popular Styles of Men’s Dress Shoes in Wide Sizes: For those looking for a classic style with a comfortable fit, Oxford shoes are an excellent choice. They come in both leather and suede varieties, making them suitable for both formal occasions as well as casual wear. Loafers also offer a timeless look that pairs well with suits or jeans alike. Slip-on styles such as monk straps provide an easy way to add some flair without sacrificing comfort or quality craftsmanship. Wingtip brogues have become increasingly popular over the years due to their unique design which features decorative perforations along the toe cap area of the shoe.

Different Types of Men’s Boots in Extra-Wide Sizes: When it comes to boots, there are many options available in extra-wide sizes including Chelsea boots, chukka boots, desert boots and work boots among others. Chelsea boots feature elastic side panels that make them easy to slip on while providing plenty of support around the ankle area; they pair nicely with slim trousers or jeans alike. Chukka boots have two or three eyelets at the top which makes them ideal for more relaxed outfits such as shorts or chinos; they also come in various colors so you can easily match them up with different looks depending on your preference. Desert boots offer a stylish alternative that is slightly more rugged than other types; these typically feature crepe soles which provide superior traction when walking outdoors on uneven surfaces like gravel paths or dirt roads etc.. Workboots provide heavy duty protection against abrasions while still being fashionable enough for everyday use; they usually come equipped with steel toes which help protect against impact injuries from falling objects etc..

If you prefer sneakers over traditional dress shoes, then you will not be disappointed. There are plenty of stylish sneaker designs out there specifically designed for wider feet, including low tops, high tops and mid cuts depending on the look you want to achieve. Low top sneakers tend to be lighter weight but still provide ample cushioning while high tops offer additional ankle support if needed - great for running or jumping activities during your day. Mid cut sneakers combine elements from both low and high top designs giving off an edgy yet sophisticated vibe - perfect if you want something between sporty and classy all rolled into one package.

Key Takeaway: Men's dress shoes come in a variety of wide sizes, from classic oxfords and loafers to modern slip-ons and wingtips. Different types of boots are also available in extra-wide sizes including Chelsea boots, chukka boots, desert boots and workboots. Sneakers can be found in low tops, high tops or mid cuts for wider feet.

Customizing Your Own Luxury Footwear in Extra-Wide Sizes

Customizing your own luxury footwear in extra-wide sizes is a great way to ensure you get the perfect fit and style for your feet. It can also be an incredibly rewarding experience, as you create something unique that fits perfectly and looks amazing. Here are some of the benefits of customizing your own luxury footwear in extra-wide sizes:

The Benefits of Customizing Your Own Luxury Footwear

Customizing your own shoes allows you to choose exactly what type of material, color, shape, and design you want. You can pick out all the details yourself so that it’s tailored specifically to your needs. This ensures that no matter how wide or narrow your feet may be, there will always be a shoe that fits just right. Additionally, customizing gives you access to high quality materials like leather and suede which offer superior comfort and durability compared to mass produced shoes.

How To Design Your Own Luxury Footwear

Designing a pair of shoes from scratch requires careful planning and attention to detail. Start by measuring both feet carefully using a tape measure or ruler; this will help determine what size shoe works best for each foot. Once measurements have been taken, decide on the type of material desired (leather vs synthetic) as well as any additional features such as laces or buckles needed for closure. Finally select colors or patterns if desired before beginning construction on the actual shoe itself.

Where To Find Quality Materials For Customizing Luxury Footwear

Finding quality materials for customizing luxury footwear is essential in order to achieve top notch results when creating handmade shoes from scratch. Look online at specialty stores such as Leather Hide Store where they offer an extensive selection of premium leather hides in various colors and textures suitable for making dress shoes or boots with extra-wide widths available up to EEE+. Additionally, many craft stores carry supplies such as adhesives needed when constructing handmade shoes from start to finish.

Key Takeaway: Customizing your own luxury footwear in extra-wide sizes offers superior comfort and durability, allowing you to choose the material, color, shape and design. To get started, measure feet carefully then select materials such as leather hides from specialty stores like Leather Hide Store. Adhesives can be found at craft stores.

FAQs in Relation to Wide Shoes for Men

What are the best shoes for men with wide feet?

Finding the right dress shoes for men with wide feet can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several options available that provide comfort and style. Many brands offer wider sizes in their dress shoe collections, such as Allen Edmonds, Florsheim, and Johnston & Murphy. Additionally, custom-made dress shoes can be tailored to fit any foot size or shape perfectly. For those looking for luxury footwear, Italian designers like Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada have stylish options in extended widths that look great while providing superior comfort. With so many choices available today, finding the perfect pair of dress shoes is easier than ever before.

Which shoe brands do wide sizes?

Many popular shoe brands offer wide sizes for men's dress shoes. For example, Allen Edmonds offers a range of widths from narrow to extra-wide in their classic dress shoe styles. Johnston & Murphy also offers a selection of dress shoes in both medium and wide widths. Cole Haan provides an extensive collection of stylish dress shoes with options for narrow, regular, and wide widths. Finally, Florsheim has several traditional dress shoe designs available in various widths up to extra-wide. No matter your size or style preference, there are plenty of quality brands offering comfortable and fashionable men's dress shoes in wide sizes.

What shoes fit wide feet?

Finding the right dress shoes for wide feet can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several options available to ensure you find the perfect fit. Many brands offer extra-wide sizes and styles specifically designed for wider feet. Additionally, some companies provide custom sizing services that allow you to order shoes tailored to your exact measurements. If neither of these solutions work for you, consider shopping at stores that specialize in wide widths or look into having a pair of shoes custom made by a local cobbler or shoemaker. With so many options available, it’s easy to find stylish dress shoes that fit comfortably and look great.

What is a men's wide shoe?

A men's wide shoe is a type of dress shoe designed to provide extra width and comfort for those with wider feet. These shoes are usually made from leather or synthetic materials, and often feature additional cushioning in the toe box area. They come in various styles such as oxfords, loafers, monk straps, and boots. Men's wide shoes are an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable fit while still maintaining a stylish look.


In conclusion, wide shoes for men are a great option if you have wider feet and need extra room in your footwear. With the right knowledge of widths, sizes, and styles, you can find the perfect pair of dress shoes or boots that will fit comfortably and look stylish. Customizing your own luxury footwear with an extra-wide size is also an option to ensure that you get exactly what you want. No matter which route you take, it's important to make sure that your wide shoes for men provide the support and comfort needed for all day wear.

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