Beyond the Oxford: 4 Types of Leather Dress Shoes a Man Should Own

leather dress shoes for men

Every man knows about the Oxford shoe. For many, it’s the default dress shoe—a timeless classic that pairs well with almost any ensemble, whether it be formal or casual.

While you may be able to get away with wearing the exact same shoe every day, though, it’s still good to have a bit of variety in your wardrobe. Having a steady rotation of footwear solidifies your status as a stylish gent; with a selection of leather dress shoes, men can also feel their best.

Read on below for a list of leather dress shoes, men, and you might just find your new favorite pair.

leather dress shoes, men

The Derby

Sometimes called the Gibson or the blucher, the Derby shoe originates from the 1850s, when it was primarily used for sporting, hunting, and other rugged activities. Around the turn of the 20th century, though, it became more acceptable to wear them out to town in both formal and casual settings.

They share a striking visual similarity to Oxfords, so fans of that style should feel right at home in a pair of Derby shoes. The main advantage of Derby shoes over Oxfords, though, is its open lacing construction. The eyelets for the shoelaces are sewn on top of the vamp, which then allows for a wider, more comfortable fit than Oxfords.

Derby shoes are excellent leather dress shoes for men who have a high instep due to their looser fit, which allows for more freedom of movement. If you’ve felt uncomfortable in your Oxfords, you may want to consider wearing Derby shoes instead.

The Marc Jorge is our take on the classic Derby, available in a classic split toe silhouette. With a durable, all-weather Dainite lugged sole made in Britain, this is one shoe that you can definitely wear all year round. You can also design your own pair of Derby shoes through our online customization platform. Base styles include the split-toe, longwing bluchers, or the classic Derby.

The Monk Strap

Monk straps are a type of leather dress shoes for men that are considered more formal than the Derby, but less so than traditional Oxfords. There are two main variations: the single monk strap or simply “monk strap” and the double monk strap, often listed as “double monk”.

Its name is derived from the fact that they were traditionally worn by monks. With its closed-toe design, these shoes offer more protection than sandals. It is similar in both shape and construction as the Oxford, but instead of an eyelet closure with shoelaces, it is fastened by a wide piece of leather. Monk straps fasten with a single buckle, while double monk straps make use of two.

Morgan is our variation on the versatile double monk strap style. It’s available in three colors: our leather variants come in classic black and burnished oxblood, while our offering in lux suede comes in a beautiful camel shade. Made using carefully-chosen materials with the highest level of craftsmanship, they’re an excellent choice for those who want to stand out.

If the pre-made selections aren’t to your liking, we invite you to design your own. Like all of our other leather dress shoes for men, we offer the double monk strap as a base style on our online customization page.

leather dress shoes, men

The Loafer

Known for its comfortable slip-on style, loafers were originally envisioned as casual house slippers for King George VI himself. By the 1960s, though, American professionals such as lawyers and businessmen started wearing loafers with suits, and they continue to be acknowledged as a dress shoe to this day despite their more casual appearance.

In general, loafers are characterized according to how they’re decorated. The penny loafer bears a short strap with a slit across the shoe; it’s said that children used to slot pennies into the small opening, hence the name. Horsebit or bit loafers feature metal buckles over the top that evoke a horse’s bit. Belgian loafers do away with the strap entirely and are adorned with a small bow detail on top instead. Meanwhile, Prince Albert loafers are devoid of any decoration entirely.

Andre is our take on the classy European horsebit loafer, available in three rich shades: black, dark brown, and honey. All are made with full-grain Italian leather and feature a leather outsole with a stacked heel. These pairs also feature a platinum horsebit detail to add a touch of elegance to any outfit, casual or formal.

We also offer other loafer styles on our online customization page. You can choose from tassels, Albert mask, metal bit or bow from our base loafer page. You can also go with a Prince Albert or a Belgian base loafer style instead.

The Chukka

Chukka boots are great leather dress shoes for men who prefer ankle-length footwear. Their name may have originated from polo terminology: “chukka” refers to the seven-minute segments by which matches are measured. The boot itself was either named as such because they were similar to the kind that players wore during games, or because they preferred wearing these shoes after games.

These ankle-length boots distinguish themselves from other dress boots with their eyelets. Most chukka boots only have two eyelets for shoelaces running up the shaft, spaced relatively widely. This creates a fit that molds around the foot without being visually obtrusive, thus allowing a man to maintain the shape of his trousers or pants.

Here at Idrese, our take on the classic Chukka is the Hudson. It is available both in leather and suede in four colors: our leather variants come in black and dark brown, while our suede selections come in rust and dark brown. In terms of formality, Chukka boots are considered rather casual. However, a slick pair in leather can be acceptable for a smart-casual dress code. Like our other leather dress shoes for men, we also offer Chukka boots as a base style on our custom shoe portal.

Looking to elevate your day-to-day outfits? Shop our catalog today for high-quality, reasonably priced footwear, all handmade in Spain. In addition to leather dress shoes for men, we also have sneaker options for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

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