4 Reasons Why Your Shoes Aren’t Good Enough

4 Reasons Why Your Shoes Aren’t Good Enough

Wanna look Stylish and Comfortable in your shoes?

Here is why you don’t do it right....

I’ll give you 4 reasons why your shoes aren’t good enough to make an impression and how to fix this problem 

Let’s not waste more time and get right to it. I want to show you the solutions to make yourself look classy pertaining to your footwear.

1)  Old Shoes – Get rid of them!







I’m amazed at how many people don’t take care of their shoes…

It’s stunning.

If you want to be a good looking person in the eyes of other people, the solution is very simple…

Stop being lazy and dirty and fix your shoe’s hygiene!

To consistently make a good impression, take care of your shoes, repair them if needed, and don’t wear your heels without heel tips.

Unlike a suit, your shoes tell a lot about an individual. If they are worn down, not maintained, or not well made it will show, and not even a $14k Tom Ford suit can cover it up. 

Remember this simple fact - > “…..despite covering only 5% of your body, shoes can make-up more than 30% of the visual judgment we make when sizing up a stranger.”

Easy one, yeah?

 2) Also Really Simple - Uncomfortable Shoes

Remember this - If you don’t feel good in your shoes there is no way to look good either!

Always try to find comfortable shoes. Uncomfortable footwear usually looks strange and affects our back and leg health and gait. Bad shoes can deform your feet, and cause long-term damage to your physical well-being.

Even if you’ve found the shoes of your dreams, don’t buy them if they’re too tight and/or are painful to walk in.

Follow this rule…

If you don’t feel good in these shoes, don’t buy them because the chance of looking good while your physical state is bad is extremely low.

 What’s sexier than a great pair of shoes is your health ; )

3) Few People Wear This But If You Are The More Bold Man, I Have Some Tips For You

*Leopard print*


Be careful of this tricky color…

Leopard print shoes may be really tempting to buy, but you should pick the right color.

Classic leopard print is usually associated with bad taste.

If you like animal print, try to find shoes with unusual patterns.

So as I said, be very careful in picking the right pattern of the leopard print!

Don’t go for the classic one, instead search for the unusual one.

That way, you’re going to look like a figure of authority with a different taste from the ordinary people!

And this is exactly how a real gentleman should look like.

Moving on to the last one…

4) Don’t Ever Combine Several Colors in one Shoe, Never! 

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever do!

Do you know why?

Because when you combine these colors in your shoes you don’t look like a classy gentleman.

There is too much going on, and your ability to match it with your belt, shirt, cuff-links, tie, or any other item of clothing will be very difficult. You want to stand out in an elegant fashion rather than a boisterous one.

Try to avoid wearing too many colors because they turn expensive footwear into cheap looking shoes.

Don’t forget that it’s not recommended to mix more than 2 colors.

This is the hard truth a lot of people can’t understand.

But you are a lucky one reading this article! ; )

Final Words

As I wrap this article…

My final words will be…

Since you have all the information you need to fix your style and be a figure of authority in the eyes of your customers, friends, girlfriends, etc.

You should take action right away and do what 90% of men don’t do and that is…

Look good!

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