Free Shipping, Free Returns, Free Exchanges


We know you are going to love your shoes, but if for any reason you do not, Idrese offers all customers a hassle free/risk free returns & exchanges process.

Shoes that are bought on the site:
  • Can be returned up to 90 days after purchase in slightly worn or unworn condition. Once we receive your returned item we may offer a full refund or store credit depending on the condition of the shoes.
  • Once we receive your returned item you will be immediately notified and informed on the status of the item within 24-48 hours of receiving the item.
  • Idrese will pay for all return postage. Unlike other shoe companies we will pay for the return shipping from your home to our factory if you so choose to return your item.
  • Come with a lifetime customer assurance guarantee. Our customer service does not stop after your purchase or after the 90 day return period. In fact, our customer assurance guarantee is more like a gentleman’s promise. With such a large team running Idrese we can assist you with questions about the shoes you purchased, free fashion advice, free accessories if your current ones need to be exchanged, and so on.- We do not turn down special requests, let us know how we can better assist you.
Shoes that are designed on the 3D platform:
  • Can be exchanged only and not returned for a different design.
  • We donate all our returns to Youth Programs. We cannot accept intricately customized footwear because it is hard for these youths to match shoes with several combinations in a practical manner.

In order to be eligible to receive credit on your return postage please send us the picture of the receipt given to you by the post office.

Shoes that do not pass inspection will not be eligible for return postage credit.

We cannot be responsible for lost receipts. Those who are unable to provide a return postage receipt with their return cannot be eligible for return postage credit.

    *Shoes with your initials engraved on to them cannot be returned due to the fact that they are exclusively personalized for you. All other personalizations are covered under the above guidelines. If you wish to not have your shoes engraved simply ignore the option at the checkout cart

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