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Our Story

Idrese (Name.): Prince, or Lord; a moral, ethical gentleman in power who commands with elegance.


Made in Europe

Our shoes are made with the same grade of materials as many of today’s luxury brands. They’re made in Almansa, the shoemaking capital of Spain, by the same hands that have made shoes for those luxury brands.

We use Goodyear welting and Blake stitch construction to ensure our shoes will stand the test of time. We put genuine cork midsoles and use only the best Italian leathers.

You can customize every aspect of your premium shoe, from the soles to the last. This isn’t simply footwear anymore; it’s a new experience.



How We Started

The European tradition of custom shoemaking allows you to walk into a cobbler shop and build a premium shoe to your exact specifications. You can select the style, materials, and additional flourishes to make it your own. This process is known to take several months and be very exclusive to native Europeans or affluent vacationers. We’ve digitalized this experience to not only bring this idea to the 21st century, but to preserve our craftsmanship techniques in a market that is oversaturated with cheap, mass produced footwear.

From anywhere in the world, you can enter our site and design your own unique pair and by utilizing modern efficiencies, we’re able to deliver your masterpiece in four weeks or less.



What We Do

The IDRESE team began from frustrations arising within the luxury shoe market. Many of today’s “fashion” brands slap absurd premiums on their goods - often to pay for slick marketing campaigns and flashy retail displays instead of a quality product. We believe this is unfair to you, the consumer, and we seek to change that.

We believe investing in style, quality, and self-expression is an excellent pursuit for the modern man. We also believe this pursuit shouldn’t be expensive. So, we offer well-made, customizable footwear using the best materials we can find and at a price you can feel comfortable with.



 How We Do It

We offer our shoes at better prices because we cut out extra costs. No retail rents. No crazy markups. No flashy, celebrity-driven marketing campaigns. Just the best materials. The best craftsmen. And your creativity. All sent directly to you.


Welcome to IDRESE.

Best Regards,

The team