Am I really getting a high-quality product for a great price?

Our hand produced footwear isn't comparable to any mass produced pair of shoes on the market. What you get is a personalized pair made just for you using not only the highest quality leather, but from the highest rated tannery in Italy. 

Not only do you get premium construction, but you get 51 of the best Spanish craftsmen, all of whom have 20+ years of experience, make your shoes for you. Our shoes are not going to be the only shoes in your closet, but they will be your best. 

What type of craftsmanship is used to make my shoes?

We use 360° Goodyear construction for all our dress shoes & boots. This type of construction requires 51 of our craftsmen, and over 100 steps to complete just one pair. The process is rigorous, but what you get is a waterproof, comfortable, and long-lasting shoes that you can wear for years and years. See how are shoes are made -> Here

For our Sneakers, we use stitched construction, a rare method used for sneakers that skillfully attaches the Margom sole to the upper. Each pair comes with cork filling, and a metal shank for stability & comfort. Read more about our sneakers -> Here

Shipping & Details

Our products are made one at a time and shipped directly to you. No inventory costs, no middlemen, no high mark-ups. Shoes will ship out to you in just 4 weeks or less

  • Free worldwide shipping Via DHL Express 
  • We make our own products in our own workshop, so we know exactly what goes into them. We’re happy to offer you a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. 
  • You will receive constant updates about your shoes.


Where will my shoes be made?

Almansa, Spain - The Shoemaking Capital

Your leather will be sourced from CONCERIA NUOVA ANTILOPE in San Miniato. The #1 rated tannery in Italy.